Meet Our Co-Author - Audrey L. Woodley

About Audrey Woodley

Audrey Woodley- a woman of power, charisma and influence - uses her platform to speak, teach, and coach women around the world.

Serving as a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Brand Therapist Audrey applies principles from her own life as a native of Chicago, Illinois, a single mother, a successful entrepreneur, and co-author of two International bestselling books to help women entrepreneurs reach success. Faith, she often tells her life coaching clients, is one of the most valuable tools and building blocks of any woman’s success when applied persistently and consistently.

Audrey is best known as the Brand Therapist, helping women identify solutions to brand challenges. She uses new-age problem-solving tactics, proven social media strategies, effective marketing communication, and customized brand identity coaching. Audrey’s own brand has seen great success, including features in several magazines that focus on women entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, Audrey has been invited to speak at various functions including several workshops presented by Senator Kimberly Lightford. Audrey was a guest speaker at the highly acclaimed GHGF Prayer Breakfast, a Life Coach speaker for “Make-Up & Martinis” event, and keynote speaker for Changing Oasis, Inc. events.

When it comes to speaking, coaching, and consulting women entrepreneurs Audrey Woodley delivers!

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