Meet Our Co-Author - Bweela Steptoe

About Bweela Steptoe

Bweela Steptoe walks the creative realm with ease. She is the daughter of two very different artists and tells her story through the designs she creates. Her father, the illustrator John Steptoe, gained fame in the 70s and 80s for his children's books. Bweela’s mother, Stephanie Douglas, is a collagist and painter whose work speaks to the richness of her urban experience.

Bweela Steptoe’s rags-to-riches style aims to express a kind of inner city resourcefulness she calls “Urban Deconstruction.” Steptoe enjoys creating one-of-kind garments and she also enjoys creating the fabric she uses in her designs. Bweela uses her artistic background and family art influences as an inspiration for her fabric and clothing designs. The splashes and footprints that embellish her deconstructed garments are a defiant reminder of where she came from and, for that matter, where she wants to go.  The designer’s strong views on how women project themselves are expressed through the clothing she presents. She feels that today's woman can be very sexy — and yet still leave something to the imagination.

Bweela is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received degrees in Accessory and Knitwear Design. At FIT, Bweela acquired knowledge in all aspects of the fashion industry. Since graduating, Bweela has been designing for private clients, as well as selling out of several small boutiques in New York City, including locations in Brooklyn, where the designer also resides.

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