Meet Our Co-Author -Dana Rose

About Dana Rose

Dana Rose is the CEO and founder of DDR Consultants, founded in 2009. She has extensive years of experience in the real estate mortgage and foreclosure process. DDR Consultants is a multi-service center that provides a variety of services to the residents of Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau counties, and New York City. The services include: Foreclosure Document Preparation, free consultation for summons & complaints, qualified written requests (QWR), and Property Management Solutions.  Dana Rose is also a content provider for The Total Faith Network which is a lifestyle, Entertainment and Info/News Christian program of experienced innovative technology that airs worldwide.  She is the host of “Women’s Voices by Dana.”

Her background in public relations has prepared her to be the Co-Pastor and Vice-President of Upon this Rock Ministries, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, NY, a ministry that was created to help develop a strong community to be able to deal with the challenges of crime, drugs, poverty, illiteracy, and inadequate housing by the spiritual demonstration of compassion for the purposes to assist in eradicating urban community problems.  She is the Senior Outreach Coordinator of the Family Restoration Project of the Lower Hudson Valley, a wraparound collaborative initiative to help support the successful and safe transition of young fathers from detention, out-of-home placement, or incarceration to their families and communities.  She collaborates with key partners in the Lower Hudson Valley Sub-Region to give a thorough, composed project for lessening recidivism and advancing public safety.

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