Meet Our Co-Author - Dr. LaWana Firyali Richmond

About Dr. Lawana Firyali Richmond

Dr. LaWana ‘Firyali’ Richmond serves as Staff Advisor to the Regents of the University of California and Senior Business Analyst at UC San Diego, where her focus is project management and process improvement.  Her background and experience are an eclectic mix of operations, technology, leadership, and social justice.

She is a certified Project Management Professional with degrees in Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, and Educational Leadership. She is one of the inaugural Chrispeels Fellowship recipients and completed the Joint Doctorate Program in Educational Leadership from UC San Diego and CSU San Marcos.

Her dissertation, Black Staff Engagement at a Major Research University in Relation to Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Collaboration, was her way of converging topics of particular interest to her.

Dr. Richmond also serves on the Advisory Board for the C. Montgomery Technology Fund, which supports community access to technology at the Malcolm X Library in southeast San Diego. As an avid Toastmaster, she has chartered one club, sponsored another, and served as an area governor. She is always enthusiastic about helping organizations move towards greater efficiency, effectiveness, and harmony.

twitter: @firyali @firyedu