Meet Our Co-Author - Maryam Smith

About Maryam Smith

Maryam Smith is President/Founder of The Keys to Unlock Your Silence Inc., a non-profit organization that is committed to helping victims of domestic and sexual abuse go from being victims to becoming victorious. Being a survivor of domestic violence and an overcomer of sexual abuse enabled her to do something that she spent years not knowing how to do, and that was unlocking her silence. She realized that her true healing would only come from her speaking up and about the abuse that she’d encountered. Her unlocked voice wouldn’t only serve purpose for her healing, but also bring healing to the many other individuals that are too afraid and ashamed of unlocking their voice because of the abuse.

She is now embarking on a long-time dream of becoming an author. At the age of 35, Maryam successfully completed a long-term goal obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Social work. Being a single mom for the past 19 years inspired her to not to only do better for herself, but to be better for her daughter.

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