Meet Our Co-Author - Terryl Ebony

About Terryl Ebony

Terryl Ebony is an empowerment speaker, life & business strategist, author, and community activist.  Terryl is the CEO/President of Find Your Purpose. She serves clients through coaching, speaking engagements, and professional development, helping them to find meaningful strategies to navigate a holistic lifestyle in the direct areas of personal, business, and parenting.

Terryl authored “Losing Love, Having Faith, & Finding Hope,” which is centered on everyday parent/child issues and developments she experienced while raising her son.  Terryl offers profound coaching advice to parents that find themselves going through similar situations.

Terryl founded "The Misunderstood Youth Development Center," a non-profit organization whose mission is to help understand, develop, and stimulate the minds of our youth.  The organization mentors and counsels young men ages 14-19 that have criminal court involvement.

Terryl hopes that, from her experiences and words, she is able to touch someone’s heart and mind, creating a positive transformation from within.  It is her expectation that through these self-revelations a better person, family, and community will result.  For more information on Terryl Ebony, visit her website at   She can also be found on all social media platforms @terrylebony.