Delayed But Not Denied 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth

The one common thread that binds over forty-five aspiring writers is the Delayed But Not Denied Book Series. The contributors of all three books share a diverse tapestry of insight, which is woven together by the drive to define their own successes. They share their stories of tragedies and triumphs with the prayer that, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter will empower others to push a bit harder and to be their authentic self. In Delayed But Not Denied Book 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth, each woman's testimony lets readers know that regardless of what you have been through you are extraordinary too!

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About Co-Author Janelle Rollins-Johnson

Janelle Rollins-Johnson, founder of Vision Enterprise, is a writer, mentor, teacher, and strategist to those desiring to maximize their lives to achieve limitless potential.

She equips people to rise to the achievable challenge of their divine purpose and next level of greatness by teaching the principles of mind transformation. Janelle believes in everyone’s ability to transcend adversity and overcome life’s inevitable challenges. Whether individually or in a group environment, Janelle provides strategies to help ignite the fire that dwells within.

Vision Enterprise ( is a human potential training company that teaches personal growth and development, life enrichment skills, and career and leadership skills.

Janelle is committed to helping unlock purpose and destiny for people to harness their potential and live the purpose-filled lives for which they were created.

Janelle resides in New York City. She is a wife and the mother of two amazing children.

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