Delayed But Not Denied 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth

The one common thread that binds over forty-five aspiring writers is the Delayed But Not Denied Book Series. The contributors of all three books share a diverse tapestry of insight, which is woven together by the drive to define their own successes. They share their stories of tragedies and triumphs with the prayer that, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter will empower others to push a bit harder and to be their authentic self. In Delayed But Not Denied Book 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth, each woman's testimony lets readers know that regardless of what you have been through you are extraordinary too!

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About Co-Author Lady Walikqua Johnson

Lady Walikqua M. Johnson is a native of the Bronx but currently lives in South Carolina. Prior to relocating she was an NYPD Explorer and an active member of Higher Praise Community Church. It was during this time that she realized she was called to preach the gospel and was made a youth minister. Lady Walikqua later left that ministry and became an active member of Road to Damascus Ministry of God, Inc. There, she served under the leadership of Pastor Eugene Johnson and Co-Pastor Doris Johnson.

Currently, Lady Johnson is enrolled at ECPI University, where she will receive her Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration in January 2019.  Lady Walikqua serves with her husband, Bishop Anthony P. Johnson I, of Unity Cathedral Church & Greater Vision Church. She is completely devoted to her husband and their four children Royal, Prince, Phillip, and Dymond.


Phone: 929 431 0014

Facebook: WalikquaJohnson

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