Delayed But Not Denied 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth

The one common thread that binds over forty-five aspiring writers is the Delayed But Not Denied Book Series. The contributors of all three books share a diverse tapestry of insight, which is woven together by the drive to define their own successes. They share their stories of tragedies and triumphs with the prayer that, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter will empower others to push a bit harder and to be their authentic self. In Delayed But Not Denied Book 3: Real People Sharing Stories About Healing and Growth, each woman's testimony lets readers know that regardless of what you have been through you are extraordinary too!

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About Co-Author Maria Dowd

Maria Dowd’s mission is to energize and equip women with tools and strategies to take bolder stands for the quality of their lives.

As a motivational speaker and a catalyst for women’s empowerment, Maria inspires women to be more courageous, wise, and enterprising—to design a life built upon uncompromising values, their true genius, and with clear visions of what they want and deserve. Maria’s My Amazing LYFE brand of empowerment programs holistically delivers this promise.

Maria discovered her vocation in the 1990s with the creation of African American Women on Tour (AAWOT), an empowerment conference she toured for thirteen years, touching the lives of more than 29,000 women worldwide. Maria later became a successful network marketing consultant, representing a line of botanical body care products and leading a team of 1,100 consultants. Maria has authored three inspirational books: Journey to Empowerment, Journey into my Brother’s Soul, and Journey to a Blissful Life. She is also a contributing author to the second and third books in the Delayed But Not Denied anthology series.

Maria’s life took a dramatic turn after a divorce in 2012, which served as a “lightbulb” moment. Like so many women, Maria had fallen into the trappings of financial and toxic emotional codependency. Determined to never find herself in such a vulnerable position again, she created a holistic life map to help her through the journey of expanded self-awareness, course corrections, greater clarity, and traction.

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