Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Inspirational Stories of Life and Resiliency

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Get ready to be uplifted and encouraged by stories of miracles, hope and answered prayers as the co-authors of this book share their tragedies, triumphs and joy. These authors are the epitome of the biblical verse that “all things are possible” for those who trust and believe in the power of God and press towards their goals without ceasing.

Each of author poured their heart and souls into their stories to show us that having resilience against adversity pays off and that one should never breakdown before they breakthrough. While the co-authors in this book are from all walks of life, vary in age and are located all across the United States, they do have one thing in common and that is their success in life at some point may have been delayed, it certainly wasn’t denied.

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Meet the Co-Authors of Delayed But Not Denied

Meet each of the authors. Get to know them by clicking on their names to navigate to their co-author pages.

Crystal Melton

Real Stories from Real People

These real life stories will lift you up and make you believe that everything is possible.  Check out the chapter titles below:

 From Barren To Blessed by Pastor Melanie Kirkland-Turner

A Caterpillar Lost, A Butterfly Discovered by Kristina Eaton CLC

Who Am I??? by Detrick Harper

Bruised But Not Broken by Ericka Johnson, M.S

How C.P.R. Rejuvenated My Life by Audrey L. Woodley 

Allowing my Past to Pass by Maryam Smith

The Other Side of THIS by Dana Rose

I Can See Clearly Now by Crystal K. Melton

Keep Your Eye on the Prize by Cathleen Williams, Minister, R.N., ESQ.

Courage to Soar: Releasing My Butterfly Within by Jamee-Marie Edwards, MPH

A Mother’s Love and Fight for Her Daughters by Bweela Steptoe

When I Stopped Playing Double Dutch by Terryl Ebony

Wounded But Not Destroyed by Elizabeth Johnson, EA, CB

Leaping Into My Destiny by Rachel Lopez Evans

Defiant Slacker to Altruistic Hacker by Dr. LaWanna Firyali Richmond

Faith by Valerie Williams-Torres

Life Doesn’t Happen to You, It Happens For You by Jeselle L. Eli, MPH

It’s Never Too Late To Be a Father To Your Children by Julia D. Shaw

From Delay to Triumph by Lucrece Augusma

The Past Does Not Equal the Future by Toni Coleman Brown

About the Compilers

Toni Coleman Brown Toni Coleman Brown

This book project represents the power of collaboration. Working with Julia is always great.  These authors have poured their hearts out and it is the best project yet.

Julia D. Shaw Julia D. Shaw

It's always amazing to see writers live their dreams. This project has rekindled my love working aspiring authors.  This particular project represents the best of people working together for good.

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